Drive fast and crash!

by Feuerzeug

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison Great first outing from the awesome Switzerland band Feuerzeug. Leaning towards the heavier end of Stoner Rock; these guys are masters of the light and heavy, knowing when to back off and when to bring it. These guys are amongst the best in their genre and well worth a listen. I’m betting you won’t regret it. Favorite track: Should i be your enemy?.
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I don't know exactly what Feurerzeug means in the band's native Switzerland, but over here it roughly translates to the pulverizing pounding made by a herd of a thousand brontosaurs rampaging around in your living room. Such is the brutal brand of stoner metal these impeccably talented Swiss men lay down. Borne from the loins of father Kyuss and suckled at the bosom of mother Monster Magnet, Feueerzeug's debut album, Drive Fast and Crash is a mini-revelation proving to all the doubters once and for all, stoner rock is not dead.

When I played this for Pope for the first time his words were (spoken through a jaw-opened, slack-eyed expression) "Wow!" Yeah, wow. Adding a touch of Sci-fi'd out tones to their guitars, most notably on the absolute scrotum melting rocker "Go Liar," Feurerzeug build on the vast platform of the genre's masters, suck down a lung full of pure nitro exhaust, then explode into their own flaming orbit. All it takes is one listen to the lead off track, "Should I Be Your Enemy," to know you're dealing with some serious interplanetary assaults. Beginning with a riff that pounds so hard it could drive nails into dry wall, the bottom drops out to a maximally fuzzed out/effect laden charging riff, crushing everything to dust underneath the vocals. This is the herd of brontosaurs I wrote of earlier, they're in your house and they're pissed. The vocal assault is perfect for the sound, gruff enough to have layers of texture, yet smooth and clean enough to be easy on the ear. And most impressive of all, the boys haven't forgotten the importance of melody in their mad rampage, in fact, it's the strength of the melody that holds the song together and drives it deep into your cerebellum. As strong a lead-off track as I've heard in a while.

And there's no letting up from there. "Drop By Drop," is a damn fine celestial event of android-fuzzed guitar tones, buzzing at you with the velocity of a Star Federation Fighter buzzing the enemy. Another fucking great melody keeps this attack together through some riffing intense enough to cause several small stars to go supernova. "She Loses Her Wings," by all rights should be stoner metal's first hit single. It doesn't take much imagination to foresee how killer the video would be. The previously mentioned "Go Liar," twists guitar sounds to new extremes with it's whining "weeee," and "wooo," tones, before launching hellbent into one mother fucking great riff. Again, the vocals work exquisitely to bring out the tone of the song as the boys drop the tempo down for the verses. This is a raise your hands in the air, scream the lyrics out at the top of your lungs tour de force. With "Nebula V" the boys finally manage to actually achieve lift off velocity, all rocket engines roaring like some bizarre speed metal/stoner/thrash mutant.

Not an album for the timid, and not one for worshipers of the genre to miss. I haven't been kicked this hard in the nuts since the first time I heard Motorhead's "Tear Ya Down." I love it!


released September 1, 2008



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Feuerzeug Lausanne, Switzerland

Feuerzeug is one of the most unlikely rock quartet! The band consists of four friends who come from different musical influences, but the great thing about them is that they defend the Stoner music style and their gigs are just about power!

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